Mac 125

Mac 125 has one simple mission. To have one person, a guy named Mac, to hit 125,000 simulated flight hours. This amount of hours is the equivelent or higher than the amount of hours some aircraft have on them that have been flying for 30 years. 125,000 hours is equal to a little over 14 years of straight flying.

You may be wondering what type of aircraft I will be flying. I will be flying a Beech 99. My main base will be at John F. Kennedy International Airport. I will fly routes in and out of that airport, and keep any aircraft there when I dont have them out flying, or at another airport.

I am using the free, open source flight simulator, FlightGear, as my flight simulator. This is free to download and use, and is open source, so anyone can edit to there desire.

Beech 99 at Night